What Is Modern Workplace Experience?

Over the past few years, Access IT Automation has grown from being a provider of application packaging and testing automation solutions (Access Capture) and automated endpoint management tools (such as Access Symphony and Access FixEngine) to creating a holistic platform that allows enterprise-size organizations to not only enable Modern Desktops, but to also constantly fine-tune their environment to walk the fine line between optimizing for user performance/experience and keeping costs as low as possible. We call this balancing act Modern Workplace Experience.

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5 Common Enterprise Windows 11 Migration Mistakes You Need To Avoid

While the vast majority of large organizations are still in the trenches with Windows 10 Servicing updates and only starting to evaluate Windows 11 for a migration project later this year or (more likely) early next year, there are a few major pitfalls you can get trapped in early on that heavily impact the success of your project down the road.

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Upgrading to Windows 11 and Its Impact on Application Testing

Remember that time Microsoft told us Windows 10 was going to be the last Windows ever? It was a claim that was more than a bit over-hyped, but the reality today is that you probably have thousands of machines in your organization running a version of Windows 10 that isn't going to be supported in a few years’ time. That puts upgrading to Windows 11 very much in the frame.

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