5 Massive Advantages API-Driven App Management Provides Agile IT Organizations

Traditionally, application packaging and testing solutions required an organization to work its application management workflows around the platform's requirements. And for some organizations that have what I call a sausage-factory-type process — meaning feed the to-be-packaged and tested applications in at the front, go through a pretty linear workflow, and receive the desired outcome at the end — this works pretty well. 

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Upgrading to Windows 11 and Its Impact on Application Testing

Remember that time Microsoft told us Windows 10 was going to be the last Windows ever? It was a claim that was more than a bit over-hyped, but the reality today is that you probably have thousands of machines in your organization running a version of Windows 10 that isn't going to be supported in a few years’ time. That puts upgrading to Windows 11 very much in the frame.

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