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If the last two years have taught us anything about the importance of impactful IT investments, it is that creating an outstanding employee experience is just as important as optimizing customer experiences. While at first, organizations tried to create outstanding digital experiences to retain their customers (and sometimes even lure new ones from less agile competitors), it became very quickly apparent that employees working from home required a better set-up as well. 

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Essentially, what was needed was a Modern Desktop, a concept originally pushed by Microsoft that refers to a device running on Windows 10/Office 365 or Microsoft 365. Now, that original concept has broadened to include a device that is kept up to date with the latest OS and productivity apps.

With a Modern Desktop, employees always have a secure, up-to-date machine that they can (in theory) utilize from anywhere. But what about the developers, traders, graphic designers, and all those other professionals who use more than just Office apps and a browser to work? How do you ensure that everyone gets the performance, power, and speed they need? And how can you be certain that, at the same time, you are cutting costs wherever possible, e.g., by giving everyone the device with the specifications they really need?

While a Modern Desktop will provide a great user experience to a large number of your users, it isn’t a holistic strategy that weaves together all the experiences someone has with your organization. Gartner calls that the Total Experience (TX). The analyst firm predicts that

“by 2024, organizations providing a total experience will outperform competitors by 25% in satisfaction metrics for both CX and EX.”

But how do you take this somewhat abstract concept and translate it into a Modern IT Strategy methodology that you can put into action? The good news is — you don't have to because we did it for you! We call it Modern Workplace Experience and it refers to an agile decision framework in which IT teams can define the ideal configurations that offer each of their users the most powerful machine they need while saving costs wherever possible. 

Modern Desktop Enablement/Management/Optimization are all part of the process of getting there from a technical implementation standpoint, but Modern Workplace Experience is an analysis of your current IT environment, a strategic analysis of your future state requirements, and actionable insights/recommendations to improve your Modern Workplace. 

Learn more about this topic and the decision points on your path to maximizing your Modern Workplace Experience in our brand-new Smart Executive's Pocket Guide. Simply click below to download it. 

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