Better Connected - Access IT Automation Launches Technical Partnership with ReadyWorks

Access IT Automation has partnered with industry leader ReadyWorks to automatically reduce IT cost and risks associated with Windows servicing.

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CIO & CTO Priorities in 2022 & Beyond

If there has been one common struggle over the last few years for CIOs and CTOs, it has been the constant need to do more — from OS migrations and SaaS implementations to the management of ever-increasing cybersecurity threats — and to accomplish these tasks with either stagnant or reduced resources, including budget and qualified staffing. Then when the pandemic and work-at-home orders hit, many enterprises pivoted, shifting their priorities and putting projects on hold while focusing on taking care of immediate needs until they could go back to "normal". With it now being almost two years into the "new normal", and with the constant changing of regulations for essential and non-essential businesses, the priorities for 2022 and beyond are more important than ever before.

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New Version Of Symphony Prepares Your Enterprise For Modern Desktop

With Windows 10 updates slowing down to once a year and going end-of-life in 2025 plus Windows 11 being in full swing with it already taking ten percent of the market share since its launch, adapting to the Modern Desktop world is more important than ever. That is why we are constantly adding functionality and upgrading our product lineup so that you can continue to seamlessly automate your IT tasks, such as migrating to a new/updated OS, fixing issues, etc.

Access Symphony has been upgraded to not only gather more information than ever before, but weave that data throughout an organization to provide insight into its users' needs.

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Get To Know ... David Halfteck | Chief Technology Officer

In our latest series, we will be getting to know some of the influential figures that contribute to Access IT Automations growth and development and find out with the company and what IT automation means to them. #WeEnableModern Desktop

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Get To Know ... Craig Franklin | Sr. Vice President

In our latest series, we will be meeting some of the influential figures that contribute to Access IT Automation's growth and development and find out what the company, industry, and IT automation means to them. #WeEnableModernDesktop.

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Access Capture Showcases Exceptional Performance Testing & Monitoring Capabilities

Is your application performance making your end-users less productive and costing you money? Recently, over a 24 hour period, our Access Symphony client was run from an Access Capture managed VM (Virtual Machine) with automated performance metrics captured. Access Capture showed exceptional automated performance testing results, which we believe, could be the answer to your productivity issues.

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3 Stats That Prove That Modern Desktop Is Now More Important Than Ever

We recently discussed what Modern Desktop Enablement is. We touched on the subject of why it is now more important than ever to enable and manage Modern Desktop in your organization, but today, we take a closer look at how this will be influenced by and have an impact on IT spending, remote work environments, and cyber security. 

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Automate Your App-V To MSIX Conversion With Access Capture

Many enterprises are currently in the process of modernizing their application estates by converting their existing MSI apps and EXE files into MSIX packages. This is done to take advantage of the many benefits that come with MSIX like, for example, increased security as app packages remain current and up-to-date as they are easier to maintain, which leads to a reduction in the cost of ownership per application.

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What You Should Know About Windows 11 & Microsoft 365 App Compatibility

Application compatibility has always been a huge obstacle when it comes to larger IT Transformation projects, such as an enterprise desktop migration. However, if you go by Microsoft's communication, application compatibility is a core tenet of Windows 10 and the software giant is continuing to invest in it. In fact, in a recent article, Microsoft claimed that it is simply a perceived problem as their App Assure team has tested hundreds of thousands of applications and 99.6% are compatible.

Microsoft is thrilled to announce that this promise of application compatibility will extend to Windows 11 with App Assure and Test Base, a new Azure-based service, to help those enterprise-size customers who require assistance. However, it isn't all puppies and rainbows. There are very specific conditions that you will have to meet in order to take advantage of these services. Today, I want to walk you through them and explain what else you should know when it comes to app compatibility for your Windows 11 and Microsoft 365 migration.

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10 Modern Desktop KPIs You Need To Monitor Now

If you asked someone 10 years ago to name the most important requirements for a Modern Desktop experience, the answers would most likely have been more RAM, faster processors, and stronger graphic cards. Today, however, although making sure your PC has enough computing power to handle all of your tasks without lagging is still important, the ubiquitousness of as-a-Service applications and cloud proliferation has significantly changed what constitutes a Modern Desktop.

As successful Modern Desktop Enablement and Management are becoming crucial to the operation of almost all businesses, the question is this: How do you ensure that yours is set up and running at optimal performance? What are the things you should measure and benchmark against to ensure the best possible end-user experience? Today, we will have a closer look at the most relevant Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that any organization enabling Modern Desktops should measure.

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